Spring Into Fashion

Spring is here and we should welcome the warmth into our closet. Brighten up your wardrobe with blush tones, pastels and all the right accessories. A dash of color here and a pop of color there can make a world of difference. Shopping can become overwhelming without a sense of direction, so let’s get started on giving your closet a makeover without breaking the bank!

A woman experiences a serious reality check when she confronts her closet. We all love to support our shopping habits but chances are we don’t have EVERYTHING our bodies and feet desire. With changing seasons come a change of wardrobe, or at least the want and pressure to revamp your style. Spring and Summer call for soft color tones, sunglasses and chic footwear. Fall and Winter is a pricey time in a woman’s life because we want to purchase the knee high thigh boots, faux fur coats and accessories galore. This is where the reality check comes into play because unless your Kim Kardashian, you aren’t going to rid yourself of your entire closet and replace it every time the seasons change. The good news is that you can revamp your style without going over budget. A little goes a long way when it comes to fashion.

Style Tip #1: Add Bold and Bright Colors

If you’re like me who’s closet resembles Mortia Addams closet, then 90% of your clothes are probably black. Sure black is timeless and classic but for Spring and Summer you don’t want to arrive at Sunday brunch looking like you just left a funeral. I recommend adding a very bright and bold accessory and/or statement piece. I recently purchased a bright yellow, almost neon colored crossover bag. It’s the kind of bright color that your parents would make you wear as a child if you went to an amusement park, you know just in case you got lost they would be more likely to find you in a timely manor. I absolutely love my bag because it adds just the right amount of POP. I can still wear my all black attire but when they see me walking up to brunch, yellow bag in hand…they’ll know I came to play.

Style Tip #2: Multi-Purpose Shoes

Even Cinderella wore killer heels! So it’s no surprise shoes are what some studies have shown as being a woman’s top purchase. Qualities shoes are hard to come by and when you find your match you should be prepared to pay a hefty price. I always say that the one fashion item you shouldn’t bargain or cut corners on is your shoes. Nothing ruins a great outfit like the wrong pair of shoes, or worse being so uncomfortable in your shoes that you start to walk with a limp. I recommend searching for a shoe that you can wear with several different looks. A nude sandal goes great with all colors across the board, it’s also perfect for a daytime event and nighttime. The type of heel you purchase will make a huge difference, 6-inch heels can make you look way overdressed so I suggest a modest, sleek and neutral colored heel. Make every single one of your dollars count by buying a pair of shoes that you’ll be likely to wear time and time again.

Style Tip #3: Avoid Last Minute Shopping

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach”? You end up throwing things in your cart that you would normally not even eat, simply for the mere fact that you’re hungry. Well, the same concept applies to shopping for clothes. You should avoid waiting until the last minute to shop. Not only are you pressed on time which only adds pressure to your shopping experience but you also tend to be the most indecisive when you’re in a rush and you end up buying something you aren’t 100% happy with which results in making that dreadful trip back to the store and standing in the return line. Who has time for this?! So I highly suggest that if you know you have a girls night or date night coming up, take your time and shop around. Don’t wait until it’s crunch time. Look for sale dates and plan ahead, you’ll thank yourself later.

By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor




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