The Standing Room: Hermosa Beach

The Standing Room in Hermosa Beach is in the perfect setting. It fits the picture perfect look of a California town. With its stressed wood décor, The Standing Room delivers strong flavors for a perfect weekend brunch.

I sampled the brunch menu. My first dish was the fritters. They were soft, warm pieces of dough with just enough crunch. It was drizzled with a lemon and strawberry sauce, just enough to flavor but not over power, a perfect bite.

Our main dishes consisted of three items, the first of which was the Loco Moco, a Hawaiian dish. I have had this in Hawaii and can say that I liked it better here. The patty was perfectly done and the kimchi in the rice gave it the perfect kick to your taste buds. The best part was the gravy, it is not so heavy as the usual loco moco, but for those that have had this dish, you know it’s a heavy dish and this helps.

My second main dish was the Pork Belly Benedict. This was as good as it sounds with a nice piece of pork, perfect of meat to fat ratio. It sat on a fresh baked biscuit with a perfectly poached egg over it that just melted when you cut into it.

I finished off my meal with the Banana, Coconut, Nutella French Toast. Sounds like a dessert and it was just as good. Great soft gooey center with the perfect crisp on the outside. Every bite melted in your mouth.

The best part is that they offer three different mimosas, the original, guava, and passion fruit. So if you are looking for the perfect brunch spot, The Standing Room is the place to go.


Written By: @oc_boy
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