This CURLS Cashmere+Caviar Collection Is Perfect for Curly-Haired Girls

Curly-haired girls know the struggle is real when it comes to our hair and unfortunately for me it’s a daily occurrence. I snooze my alarm a few hundred times, eventually rise from my bed and head straight for the coffee, then return to my room to see a frightening reflection: she’s holding a cup of coffee, eyes slightly swollen from sleep, with a head of sporadic ringlets and frizzy volume that Einstein would have envied. So, when I found the CURLS’ Cashmere+Caviar Collection,—with actual cashmere proteins and caviar extracts!—I knew I had to test it out. My curly hair, which now falls more than halfway down my back, had become particularly pesky, forcing me to question whether or not to I should chop it. But like most of my relationships, I decided to give it one more shot. Maybe, with a little TLC, my hair would change!

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I hopped in the shower and started off with the Collection’s Hair Bath, a charcoal-based shampoo. Not only did it look cool (it has a black pigment), the formula also smelt fresh and clean, and my hair instantly felt smoother as I rinsed it out. This was followed by the Hair Masque, a deep conditioner. I clipped my hair up and let this sit for a few minutes while belting out a couple Queen ballads. After rinsing and towel drying my locks, I used the leave in conditioner, Hair Silk, smoothing it through before combing. This became my favorite product from the collection by far. The next morning, thanks to Hair Silk, I was able to tame my bedhead without a wash! It seriously worked wonders.

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Lastly, I ran my fingers through my hair with the Hair Serum, which not only moisturizes, but acts as a thermal protectant too. I finished things off with the Collection’s Hair Gelle, and fear not—there are no crunchy curls here. The Hair Gelle has a light hold that allowed my curls to keep their character while staying defined all day.

My curls, though a force to be reckoned with, are definitely on the looser end of the scale. That said, to all of you with tighter, kinkier curls, the CURLS’ Cashmere+Caviar Collection was actually intended for you, so I encourage you to give it a try. The Cashmere+Caviar Collection has rekindled my love for my curls, leaving me feeling like any healthy relationship should: content, committed, and confident.  

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