Transforming Your Life’s Passion Into Your Career

Passion is the fuel that keeps a person working towards something. When you find yourself at the end of the rope and feel like giving up, it’s that passion that serves as motivation to keep you going. Over the past decade we’ve seen a drastic increase in creative jobs, more and more people are pursuing their careers in arts, media, technology and music. Attract is based out of Los Angeles, you know…the “City of dreams”. What commercials and celebrities won’t disclose to the public is how difficult it is to merge your dreams with reality. Sure everyone would love to quit their accounting job and travel the world, but how do you actually make that happen? Is it even something that’s tangible and realistic? As a realist myself, I truly believe in doing the things that bring you joy and happiness but I also have a strong sense of responsibility. I’ve encountered many individuals who are now at that happy place in their careers and they try to sell me this pretty picture of how they simply followed their passion and now they’re magically successful. So in an attempt to provide our readers with an honest look at what it really means to transform your life’s passion into your career, I sat down with Travel Reporter, Jeannette Morales Ceja. The places she’s been to and the people she’s met are one of the many reasons why she needs to be on your radar.

Jet Setting With Jeannette!

One may think traveling is all about sandy beaches and mojitos by the pool. Think again folks. Jeannette loves to travel and absolutely enjoys her time abroad but in order to fully understand how she came to roam the streets of Greece and Paris you have to ask her about the  journey and her struggle. How did she get from point A to point B?

“I decided to get a degree in Journalism at Belmont University. I remember telling the Dean of Journalism that I wanted to be a Travel Journalist since day one. I completed four news internships and a study abroad in Italy during college. I did my senior thesis on the status of the travel industry at the time. I always contributed to the college newspaper, local newspaper and I reported for my college television station. After college, I moved back to Southern California where I am originally from to work in the travel industry. I packed up all my belongings in the trunk of my car with no job lined up. I knew that I had to “pay my dues” and get any work in order to learn and meet new people. After working a few television jobs for credit, food or little pay. I wanted to keep learning and challenging myself. So I signed up for the Professional Producing Program at UCLA. Then I landed a job at Fox Sports while taking night classes. I completed that program. I quit that job a few years after, then moved to Italy. After six-months I moved to Australia. Since then I’ve worked in the entertainment industry as a reporter before deciding to quit everything and solely dedicate myself to travel. And the rest we can say is history.”

So let’s get this straight, she went to college, got an education and struggled working random side jobs and ultimately took that leap into her dreams?  Wow! She is the definition of  fearless. Most of the time people get caught in the fear of not knowing whether your decisions will lead to a positive outcome, or we put off pursuing our goals because we don’t know what to expect or even where to start. Jeannette literally said, “I’m going for it”. Imagine how much more we can accomplish if we adopt this mentality? Make no mistake, Jeannette has had to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve the things she’s accomplished thus far. Being away from her family for weeks at a time, missing birthdays, friends and a sense of “normalcy”. While her career choices bring her much inner peace and happiness, the path she’s chosen is extremely unpredictable as far as finances go. The business may not be as lucrative but she gets to see the world! Many of Jeannette’s time is spent preparing for her travels, doing research for the best hotel deals, travel and food.

When she’s not jet-setting, she participates in numerous events, ranging from speaking engagements to collaborations with various travel brands. This woman is hard working and extremely ambitious, never really taking any “off time”, even during her travel time she’s always reachable whether on her cell or via email. Her love for self-improvement and self-investment is admirable and contagious.

Words of Wisdom

“I have experienced plenty of tough lessons while pursuing my dreams. I have heard plenty of no’s when I pitched story ideas to the media. I have gone on auditions for TV Host gigs and I did not get the job. I have done interviews where I did not ask the correct questions or I had technical issues. But through every tough lesson there’s always an opportunity to learn. I personally don’t believe in failure. I know that success is really just a “mindset.” There’s also no straight line towards success. The question is how bad do you want your dream? I have sacrificed so much to get where I am now. That included selling my car, quitting jobs and creating opportunities when there was not one available for me. I continue to work on my mindset with daily affirmations and vision boards. I dedicate all my free time to keep learning as much as I can about the travel industry. I always attend seminars, travel conferences, workshops and anything that will help me become the best travel expert for the public.”  

Fun Facts

“There’s so much about me that a lot of people do not know. I am actually a highly sensitive person. I can empathize with people very naturally. And I have a really good intuition. People come to me from out of nowhere and just want to talk to me. The base of why I love travel so much is because it allows me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. And I truly love people so much.”

Sidebar: During our interview, Jeannette shared with me the fact that she only wears dresses or skirts! A true lady. 

If you find yourself wanting to travel but don’t really know how to go about it, Jeannette offers budget planning services or if you simply want to know more about how to pursue your life’s passion, follow her on Instagram @jetsetwithjeannette

Photographer: @lyvellg
  1. Jeannette,
    I remember the day you sat across my desk and said, “Thom, I want to be a travel writer.” I said I’d do whatever I could to help. But you’ve done this on your own, the Jeannette way. What a great story you have. The old gang at Belmont is so proud of you. Keep jet setting.

  2. Wonderful profile. I met the dynamo known as Jeannette earlier this year, through another travel industry friend. She is kicking tail and rocking it. Way to go, Jeannette. And, yes, she was wearing a dress!

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