Top 3 Foods A Woman Should Avoid When Trying To Slim Down

If you are trying to lose weight, pay attention to the food you eat. Our list will point out the top 3 foods a woman should avoid eating if she’s trying to lose weight. Regular exercise and an adequate diet all make for a healthy lifestyle. The best results will come to you if you invest in your daily nutrition and fitness.

1Avoid Dairy Products: Foods containing dairy products make me feel bloated and what girl likes to feel like she’s got a balloon growing inside her stomach? You don’t have to eliminate dairy altogether, instead choose dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk. I’m a cheese lover and need the real deal, no substitutes for me. What I recommend is eating cheese in moderation, sprinkle just enough over your salads or pasta to give you a taste of the cheese without overdoing it. If you simply can’t resist dairy then try to at least avoid it during times when you want to feel slim. If you have a pool party in a few days, don’t stuff your face with cheese bites in the days leading up to the party.

2. Avoid Alcohol Beverages: Alcohol can be the most difficult thing to avoid drinking if you enjoy engaging in social functions. What you may fail to realize is alcohol contains a lot of sugar and calories. Beer is the top cause for bloating in both males and females. Skip out on the beer if you can, your stomach will thank you later. Wine lovers beware because the sweet reds which you love so much are packed with calories. If you must consume alcohol then choose vodka or tequila with a splash of water and fresh lime wedges or juice. This beverage is not only low on calories but extremely refreshing.

3. Avoid Processed Food: You should prepare your own meals whenever possible to ensure what ingredients go into your food. Processed foods contain added sugars, artificial coloring and empty calories. Pass up on the bagel with cream cheese and have a cup of oatmeal. Not only will the oatmeal make you feel full for a longer period of time but it also has less calories than the bagel.

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By: Alexandra Torres, Managing Editor

Photography: LyVell GipsonIG @lyvellg

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